Parish Council

The Parish Council

The Parish Council is chaired by Frances Cook and made up of Nathan Horne,  Sam Allen, Helen Scrivner, Chris Goldsmith, John Garstang and Mark Drew.

The contact details of the new Council are given below. Please make full use of the Councillors and feel free to raise any concerns you have with them. The Parish Council is there to benefit everyone and to help sort out individual and collective problems villagers face from time to time.

For trace-ability reasons we have had to deprecate use of the group email, please contact the parish clerk if you have any queries please note that we cannot respond to anonymous requests.

Parish Councillors
Chris Goldsmith 13 Cow Lane 07590 465041
Sam Allen 26 King Street 01954 251430
Mark Drew 83 King Street 07775 923882
Frances Cook
John Garstang
Nathan Horne
Helen Scrivner
Parish Clerk
Claire Perrott 13 Cow Lane 01954 252641



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