A Parish Plan

The future is likely to bring a wide range of changes that will impact on Rampton and its residents. One way to adapt to these changes and coincidentally improve village access to funding and other support measures, is for the village to prepare a Parish Plan. Several villages (incl. Cottenham) across South Cambs have already prepared such plans. The Parish Council has taken the view that Rampton would benefit from having such a Plan.

Parish Plans are not prepared by the Parish Council (who facilitate their preparation) but by the community as a whole. Like the SPEP the Plan would be prepared by a working group from the village and should allow residents and businesses to be fully represented so that the Plan becomes a working document that can benefit all living and working in Rampton.

The Parish Council and Cambridge ACRE (who help in Plan preparation) will shortly hold an ‘Open Morning’ in the Village Hall so that everyone can come along and see what is involved, how they can benefit and how they can participate.

  • Have you concerns for your business/home about the future of Rampton ?
  • Are you prepared to contribute to the process of preparing the Plan ? Support will be provided so it should not be too¬†demanding.
  • How would you like to see Rampton in the future ?

Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership

The Parish Council recently enrolled the village in South Cambridgeshire’s Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP). The function of the partnership is to promote greater sustainability and energy efficiency within the village, by highlighting opportunities and organising events like using thermal imaging cameras to show where your house is loosing most heat. There are now 20 villages in South Cambridgeshire in the Partnership. There has been a poster on the Notice Board for most of November that gave details of an event at Comberton Village College on November 27th. The was a wide range of technologies and activities on display, one based on the Village Energy project in Histon and Impington is already organising bulk buying discounts for solar panels and LED lighting.

Although the Parish Council initiated the SPEP group, activities will be organised by the group, not the Parish Council. The group members are John Bateson, Alison Hawtin and Claire Perrot, and Chris Dickinson and Ian McCartney from the Parish Council. The Clerk will provide support for the group’s activities.

  • Are you interested in investing in improved energy efficiency for your home ?
  • Is discount buying of interest ?
  • Are you prepared to get involved, say helping with thermal imaging surveys ?

Trees on the Green

The Village Green is an attractive focal point of the village and is used for a wide range of events. Recent inspection of the five Horse Chestnut trees on the Green showed they were infected with bleeding canker. Similarly infected trees at Over were recently felled. The Parish Council is investigating how serious the infection is, and options for felling and replacement, mindful of the visual impact such a decision would have. The Forestry Commission says that unless there is an immediate concern about safety, trees with light to moderate bleeding and vigorous crowns can be left in place and monitored. Symptom remission can occur and removal of trees which are still relatively vigorous (although diseased) may be premature. Branches at risk of falling will be removed.

Summer Fayre

The traditional summer fayre will start at 2pm, 2nd July on the green. We would be really grateful for offers of help with setting up during the morning, as well as the usual assistance with stalls. To offer assistance please call Judy Garstang 01954 250960