A Parish Plan

The future is likely to bring a wide range of changes that will impact on Rampton and its residents. One way to adapt to these changes and coincidentally improve village access to funding and other support measures, is for the village to prepare a Parish Plan. Several villages (incl. Cottenham) across South Cambs have already prepared such plans. The Parish Council has taken the view that Rampton would benefit from having such a Plan.

Parish Plans are not prepared by the Parish Council (who facilitate their preparation) but by the community as a whole. Like the SPEP the Plan would be prepared by a working group from the village and should allow residents and businesses to be fully represented so that the Plan becomes a working document that can benefit all living and working in Rampton.

The Parish Council and Cambridge ACRE (who help in Plan preparation) will shortly hold an ‘Open Morning’ in the Village Hall so that everyone can come along and see what is involved, how they can benefit and how they can participate.

  • Have you concerns for your business/home about the future of Rampton ?
  • Are you prepared to contribute to the process of preparing the Plan ? Support will be provided so it should not be too¬†demanding.
  • How would you like to see Rampton in the future ?

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