Accessing Adult Social Care Services

Accessing adult social care services

Who to contact, where to find information

Social Care is personal and practical support to help people live their lives by supporting them to maintain their independence and dignity and ensuring they have choice and control over the support they receive. Many people don’t think about social care until they or someone they know need support, and then find they are unsure about where to find information or how to access the services they need.

What should I do if I think I or someone I know may require social care support?

Adult social care provides advice and services to people who may need help because of their age, physical disability, sensory impairment, learning disability or a mental health issue.

The first step to accessing services is to arrange an assessment by adult social care to establish your specific needs. This is free, irrespective of your income, and available to all. It will determine if you are eligible for a Personal Budget – an allocated sum of money with which to plan the support you need. Alternatively, your circumstances may mean you are classed as a ‘self-funder’ with the means to pay for your care.

Getting in touch

Adult social care customer services are the initial point of contact for all social care enquiries. The trained staff knows about the services available and can offer advice on who else may be able to help. Call them on 0345 045 5202.

When you contact customer services they will ask you for some basic details, including basic financial information. The aim is to maximise your independence and ensure you receive the support you need. This could include information and advice, re-ablement – individually tailored short-term support to help you become as independent as possible following an illness or operation, or a social care assessment.

If you think you may need help with mental health issues you should contact your GP in the first instance.

More information

If you have access to the Internet the Your Life, Your Choice website at provides more information about the assessment process and accessing care and support for anyone looking for information for the first time. Staff and volunteers in your local library can also help you to access the information online.

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