Annual Parish Meeting 2016 – 77 Committee Report

(1 February 2015 – 31 March 2016)

This is the sixth annual report of the Rampton ’77 Committee. Currently the Committee members are:

  • Arthur Bonus (President)
  • Judy Garstang (Chair)
  • Mick North
  • Sarah Palmer
  • Pam Dockerill
  • Gilbert Smith
  • Janet Eden
  • Jon White
  • Pat Mansfield

During the year, Gail Bull resigned to go on to pastures new. We really need more help to enable us to continue putting on the events that the villagers have become accustomed to attending and would welcome anyone else if they would like to join us. We are a pretty friendly lot.

In March 2016, Sarah Palmer and Pat Mansfield attended the South Cambridgeshire Community Awards Ceremony on behalf of the ’77 Committee and much to their and other Committee members surprise came first in the “Outstanding Local Service” category. We were very grateful for the nomination which reflects the hard work not just of the current committee but also past members and are pleased to have been recognised in this way.

During the year, we held our annual fun run in Spring which raised £138.50 for the Papworth Trust though the final donation was £150.00. We also held the usual Tea on the Green in June and Summer Fayre in July.

Although it will be reported next year, we have been unable to hold the annual Fun Run in 2016 due to various circumstances including the lack of helpers but we hope that we will be able to stage this event in 2017.

In addition, the Committee caters for the Christmas Family Party and provides the Annual Dinner in January for the Over 60s. It also shares the funding of the Show with the Village Hall Management Committee and shares the profits made from ticket sales and raffles. We have a long-standing collaboration with the Village Hall Management Committee for the Show, from which we both benefit. The ’77 Committee also provided the lights on the Christmas Tree which was erected on the Village Green and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Taylor for his generous donation of the Christmas Tree. As reported last year, Laura Webb donated to the village the Christmas lights for around the green.

Our other annual events are Tea on the Green and the Summer Fayre; although the Spring Jumble Sale has now joined the list, having put this event on in 2015 and now 2016.

We also hold a number of fund-raising events, but they are not necessarily annual events, e.g. a treasure hunt and quiz. From these fund-raising events we provide the Over 60s Dinner and the Family Christmas Party for free and, if we find that we have surplus funds at the end of our financial year, we give money to charities which are either local or national but with a local branch. In 2015-16 we were not able to donate as much money as we had the previous year, but we still managed to donate £200 each to Papworth Hospital Trust (Pulmonary Fibrosis – Asbestosis), Parkinson’s UK, and finally to the Alzheimer’s Society. These donations were in addition to the £150.00 to the Papworth Trust arising from the Fun Run; therefore the total donations to charities was £750.00.

Looking to the near future, the “Tea on the Green” will be held on Sunday, 5 June and the Summer Fayre on Saturday, 2 July.

Finally, the ’77 Committee would like to thank all those people who support us, either by attending, donating items or by giving assistance at some or all of our events. We do have a small pool of people who are willing to help us for events on the day, if they are available, for which we are very thankful. However, we would like to re-iterate that we would welcome more people to the Committee. We also thank the Parish Council for allowing us to use the Village Green and Recreation Ground.

Sarah Palmer

Secretary, ’77 Committee

April 2016

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