Annual Parish Meeting – Townlands Charity Report 2016

Eleemosynary and Unknown Donor’s Charity

Registered Charity No. 203212

Educational Foundation

Registered Charity No. 311314

Rampton Townlands’ Charities is comprised of two separate Charities, the Eleemosynary and Unknown Donor’s Charity and the Educational Foundation. The Charities’ income comes from the rent of approximately 12 acres of land in Reynolds Drove, Rampton. The rental of the land is administered by a Land Agent on behalf of

The Eleemosynary Charity has 4 Trustees.

The original objectives of the Charity were to assist those in need, for example bags of coal were distributed to the older residents at Christmas. Christmas hampers are now delivered by the Trustees to households where one or more occupants are 70 years of age and over. In December 2015, 33 Hampers were delivered.

An item is placed at intervals in the Village Newsletter advising Rampton residents who qualify to contact the Clerk to add their  names to the ‘Hamper’ list, if they have not already done so. The Charity also gives grants to other village organisations that are considered to benefit older people.

The Educational Foundation has 6 Trustees.

The objectives of the Foundation are primarily to assist the education of younger residents of Rampton. For example, educational projects, the cost of books, equipment for apprenticeships and school trips. Applicants qualify up to their 22nd birthday. Currently applicants can receive up to 3 grants. There were no applications between April 2015 and March 2016.

The Educational Foundation will also consider grants towards groups and organisations which would be of benefit to Rampton children. If anyone is aware of a resident of Rampton (younger or older age group) who would benefit from a grant or a hamper, please encourage them to make an application

Grants from the Charities are dependent upon funds available at the time. Details of the meeting dates of the Trustees, and the closing dates for applications, are published in the Village Newsletter.

The Chair of the Townlands’ Trustees is the Revd Kylie Hodgin, and the Clerk is Celia Chappell. This year, Julie Lemin, who has been an Eleemosynary Trustee since December 2000, had to stand down for work reasons. Thanks to Julie for her commitment to the Charity, and for her help, particularly with the Hampers.

The Townlands’ Charities have an entry on the Village Website. An application form for grants from the Educational Foundation can be downloaded from the Website, or can be obtained from the Clerk. The Trustees ask that, if possible, the applicant completes the form themselves, and they do appreciate details of how the grant will be put to good use.

Annual returns are submitted as required by the Charity Commission, and the accounts are subject to an annual financial check.

The next meeting of the Charities will be held on Tuesday 24th May 2016. The closing date for applications to both Charities is Friday 20th May and should be delivered or e mailed to the Clerk.

I would like to thank the Chair and the Trustees for their support and help, and the stalwarts who deliver the Hampers.

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