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Harvest Songs of Praise

At All Saints’ Church

Harvest Coffee Morning & Cake Stall

At the Church.

Line Dancing Friday

Upcoming Events Friends of All Saints’ Church,  Rampton

16 September 7 – 10 pm in the Village

Hall. £4 at the door. Coffee, tea, juice available. Please bring your

own beverages and snacks to fuel an energetic and fun-filled

evening. Just watching builds up a thirst!

Volunteers Required

The church needs a new key holder to open and lock the church each day, to take Ben and Emma’s place on the rota having moved further into the fens. This person ( or could be a couple) would take turns doing a week every 6 weeks. This involves a walk down the church path each morning & evening. Not only is this a good excuse to take a turn in the fresh air, but is also a chance to see examples of the wild life that live around our village, and can be rather shy. Anyone willing to do this should contact Kylie –Priest in Charge, or 250454.

Many Thanks to Rachel Harris who for several years has delivered the Village Newsletter to the Church End of the village. She and her family have temporarily moved abroad, so if anyone else would like a monthly walk around that end of the village putting newsletters through letter boxes could they contact myself Richard Parker 01954 251194 or

2011 Census

On 27 March 2011 all residential households in the United Kingdom will betaking part in a census. It is not just another survey. The census is important as it provides an excellent source of information about the population. This enables central and local government, health authorities and many other organisations to plan housing, education, health and

transport services for years to come for all sectors of the population, so it is crucial the estimate is as accurate as possible. The Census is completely confidential and no personal information is passed to other government departments or non governmental organisations. When the questionnaire envelope comes through the door you’ll easily recognise it by the purple 2011 Census logo. Take care of it. If, like many people, you want to complete the questionnaire online, your individual internet code is on the front of the questionnaire. More information about the 2011 Census is available online at:

Coffee Morning Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who supported us at the coffee morning to raise funds for ‘Welcome Home from Hospital’. We made £130.70 which is fantastic. Bob & Olwen

Rampton Energy Group (REG)

“Rampton Energy Group (REG): Part of the Sustainable Parish Energy Group REG has been created to help you make informed purchasing decisions about a range of energy (and therefore cash) saving products. In addition, the group is also looking at other issues including food (and food waste), bulk fuel purchasing, energy-related grants etc. The group is open to anybody interested. Please contact

John Bateson ( or

John Garstang (

Details of the investigation of photovoltaic solar panels is available. Information, contacts and meeting details will be added to the village website in due course.”

(Newsletter Ed: As someone who has already been subjected to heavy pressure selling re roof solar panels I think this group will be a really useful resource for any one considering investing in this technology)

Rampton Conservation Area (.pdf file)


E-mail Message from Mandy (via Trevor) Only another TEST run

Hi Trevor,

Re this month’s newsletter you were asking suggestions for the rejuvinated website. Would it be possible to put a timetable for busses running TO Cambridge and also RETURNING from Cambridge. It would be good if it could list the stops too. Continue reading