Bin day is changing from 27th February


Blue / Green Bins 8th
Black Bins 15th
Blue Bins 22nd


Black Bins 3rd, 17th, 31st
Blue / Green Bins 10th, 24th


Black Bins 18th (Tue), 29th (Sat)
Blue / Green Bins 7th, 24th (Mon)


Blue / Green Bins 6th (Sat)


From the end of February most households across South Cambridgeshire will have a change to the day that their bins are emptied; the sequence of their collection (order that black or blue and green are put out); or their collection time (the time of day the bins are usually emptied). Everyone will still have their black bin emptied one week and their blue and green bins emptied the following week.


In order to save £700,000 over three years, we now have a shared waste collection service for South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City. New bin collection rounds will work across the City and South Cambs boundary, travelling approximately 20,000 fewer miles per year saving money and reducing traffic and emissions. The savings will help meet some of the Council’s overall targets as the funding we receive from Government has been cut considerably. The new rounds mean that we need to make changes to collection days for most properties.

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