The air in Rampton fills with bonfire smoke fairly regularly. For anyone in the village who burns bonfires, please consider how if affects others. It’s not just the smell, or having to do the washing again. For those of us with asthma, or who have asthmatic children, it’s a really serious issue. Bonfire smoke in the air can trigger asthma attacks. Having to rush around shutting windows before the smoke gets in the house is a pain, but in the warmer months it can be unbearable to have no ventilation, especially if the smoke has already got in.

This is even worse if it’s when children are trying to go to sleep in the early evening, and especially if they are the ones with asthma. Milton recycling centre is about 15 minutes away. Please, please, consider your neighbours when you have garden waste to get rid of, and avoid a bonfire if you can.

Thank you very much, a Rampton resident.

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