Bulk Oil Buying (BOB)

A few pence per litre doesn’t sound much.  But with domestic heating oil prices escalating even a saving of 2 or 3p over a year or two can amount to a decent sum.  If nothing else, our quarter-year contacts will serve as a reminder to you to check your oil level.

How it works
Approximately 4 times per year, you will be contacted to see if you require any heating oil and asked to respond:

No thanks, not this time    or  Yes please.  I want to order:    ………..L (minimum 500L).

If you are new to the scheme, we will need to know your full delivery address, daytime contact telephone number and details of how to access to your tank.  This information is kept for use by the supplying company.

What next
Once we have collated the information, a price will be negotiated and a delivery date agreed.  You will be advised of the price and if you agree, the delivery will go ahead.  You will be invoiced in the normal way.

1.  Your requirement is a commitment from you that we use in our negotiations with the various oil companies.  If possible, please don’t change your mind or drop out!  And if you have found a consistently better price from elsewhere, please let us know.

2.  We are happy to (and will) pass on tank access and your contact details as part of your order, but can’t help out with arranging access.  Sorry.

3.  The date set will almost certainly be fixed.  Sorry (again) if this is inconvenient.

4.  We will try if possible to check the price against a (small) 500L delivery, against the price offered byBoilerjiuce and Heating Oil and against the first price offered.

5.  Rampton only!

6.  Not on e-mail?  Several villagers are not on e-mail.  They  will be contacted by phone or visited instead.  Ask your neighbour if they are involved and if not, whether they want to be.  They may not have heard about the scheme.

7.  The cost?  There is none.

If you want to join the scheme, contact ramptonenergygroup@nullgmail.com