Regia Anglorum

This page is being developed with pictures from visits to Rampton Park in 2004 and 2005. If you would like more information about this group, they can be contacted at

The Website has received the following information concerning a possible return of the group to Rampton in the future:

“It was indeed us, the local group (Grantanbrycg) of Regia Anglorum, that did the re-enactments at Rampton Castle for several years in a row. The events were put on under the auspices of the Cambridgeshire County Archaeological Field Unit to promote interest and understanding in our considerable local archaeology. Whilst it has to be said that the events could have been much better publicised, they nevertheless fulfilled their remit rather well, and became a popular local event.

Sadly, as with all things these days, their budget got trimmed and they were no longer able to fund the event, which whilst not expensive at all as these things go, nevertheless involved half a dozen portaloos, a ton of good firewood, such publicity as they did and the Field Unit’s costs too in putting on an archaeology display. At a wild guess it’d be not less than £1000 excluding the Field Unit. We charged £450 out of that from which we fed and watered the re-enactors and covered our costs in building and maintaining our living history display.

We thoroughly enjoyed doing these events and naturally were rather sad when they had to come to an end, as were many other members of our Society, some of whom travelled from Kent, South Wales and Durham to attend. This resulted in good numbers of re-enactors present and good living history and battle displays. This was possible because the public event was always on the saturday, with us being able to use the site for the sunday as well for a training session, which was an extra attraction for more distant members to attend.

Future events depend entirely upon whether the budjet is restored – doubtful at the moment, as I’m sure you will appreciate!”

from Chris Boulton (10 Feb 2011)