The High Street

Two historic views of the High Street by unknown photographers. First looking west past the Black Horse towards Willingham, the second taken further down the High Street and looking back towards the Village Green with the old Chequers pub on the right.

Photos of the renovation work on the Old Chequers pub (on the right in the photo above), kind courtesy Peter Clarke (below):

The only remaining pub in the Village c. 1998 courtesy Paul Esgate

Photo below, aerial view of Home Farm Close, courtesy Linda Heywood.

Below, the old cottage, home to the Rose family – it was almost opposite the pub, and can be seen standing in the page of Silver Jubilee pictures. (Courtesy Ralph Carpenter.)

Rear view

Below, Young’s cycle shop (photographer unknown), now “Ivy Villa” home of Martin and Carole.

Road to Willingham before and after resurfacing and kerbing. (Kind Courtesy George & Betty Dakin.)