“Hall Lane” (now Church End)

Unknown photographer, picture of the Village Pond and Manor house c 1910?

The Old Rectory c. 1900 Kind Courtesy Cambridge Folk Museum

Below 2 pictures of the “Cut” in flood 1978, kind courtesy Ralph Carpenter

Below, and evening view, looking west, taken c.1980. Ed.

The Old Rectory c. 1969 and black and white photos below in late 1960s. (Kind Courtesy Ivan &  Dorothy Smith)

Two images (below) of pupils and staff at the school in 1904 and 1950 kind courtesy Scholastic Souvenir Company

The Village School (closed 1963: the last Head Teacher was Mrs Jesse Haird)

Playgroup (below) in late 1960’s (Betty Dakin on the left)

Below, the Village Hall in the 60’s

Above, seat outside the Village Hall, below the Hall in 1965 (kind courtesy of Rampton Village Hall Management Committee)


Above, George Dakin tends a flower bed on the corner of the Green, below two images of the Manor House (kind courtesy of Ralph Carpenter)

Below, 10 Church End in 1979