Lest we forget

WW II Bomber crash sites in or near Rampton

Two Wellingtons – also known as “Flying Cigars” because of their shape and better known as “Wimpeys” – and a Stirling Bomber crashed very near to our village. It is said that the crew may have deliberately sacrificed their own lives to avoid crashing in the village …

The Wellington Z8860 (detailed immediately below) crashed near to the Church (1941), it’s impact breaking some of the windows, tells Arthur Bonus, whilst in the second crash (1942), the Wellington X3668 came down near the Cut between Rampton and Cottenham and the Stirling N6121 crashed near Sandy Pond, just off the road to Willingham …

(Courtesy “Lost Bombers” database, the RAF and unknown photographers/designers/tribute groups: we thank them all.)

30 August 1941 in Rampton Park … a Wellington Bomber

28 July 1942 … between Rampton and Cottenham, a Wellington and a Stirling

The memorial to the airmen of Z8860, beside the path in Rampton Graveyard (kind permission of Mr Graham Rose)

Below, images of the Remembrance Service held at the Village Sign (2009)