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Rampton Energy Group (REG)

“Rampton Energy Group (REG): Part of the Sustainable Parish Energy Group REG has been created to help you make informed purchasing decisions about a range of energy (and therefore cash) saving products. In addition, the group is also looking at other issues including food (and food waste), bulk fuel purchasing, energy-related grants etc. The group is open to anybody interested. Please contact

John Bateson ( or

John Garstang (

Details of the investigation of photovoltaic solar panels is available. Information, contacts and meeting details will be added to the village website in due course.”

(Newsletter Ed: As someone who has already been subjected to heavy pressure selling re roof solar panels I think this group will be a really useful resource for any one considering investing in this technology)

Rampton Conservation Area (.pdf file)


Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership

The Parish Council recently enrolled the village in South Cambridgeshire’s Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP). The function of the partnership is to promote greater sustainability and energy efficiency within the village, by highlighting opportunities and organising events like using thermal imaging cameras to show where your house is loosing most heat. There are now 20 villages in South Cambridgeshire in the Partnership. There has been a poster on the Notice Board for most of November that gave details of an event at Comberton Village College on November 27th. The was a wide range of technologies and activities on display, one based on the Village Energy project in Histon and Impington is already organising bulk buying discounts for solar panels and LED lighting.

Although the Parish Council initiated the SPEP group, activities will be organised by the group, not the Parish Council. The group members are John Bateson, Alison Hawtin and Claire Perrot, and Chris Dickinson and Ian McCartney from the Parish Council. The Clerk will provide support for the group’s activities.

  • Are you interested in investing in improved energy efficiency for your home ?
  • Is discount buying of interest ?
  • Are you prepared to get involved, say helping with thermal imaging surveys ?