Christmas Fairies

Rampton Breakfasts: 8am-11am, Saturday September 29th, Saturday October 6th and 13th.

All funds raised go towards community projects in Rampton. Thanks to your generous support, The Christmas Fairies have been able to purchase the village Christmas lights and tree, they have made a donation to help start up the Rampton Friday Club and have set up a subsidised community minibus scheme. Your support really does make a difference. Christmas Raffle tickets are now available to buy from the breakfasts or from Rampton Motors.

Community minibus
The next minibus trips to Bar Hill Tesco will be Wednesday 3rd and 17th October, leaving the Green at 10:30am. Anyone can register to use the minibus, (although if full, priority will be given to those without their own means of transport), please contact Karen for a registration form. The cost is £2 per trip. Tel: 205093

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