Community Lifeline Service, Community Lifeline+ and Visiting Supporting Service

The Community Lifeline Service provides a pendant alarm for use in the home. When pressed, it provides contact with a response centre so that help can be raised. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Response centre operators are trained to assess the situation and can arrange for a keyholder, next of kin or the emergency services to attend. It provides a valuable source of help for people of any age enabling them to remain living in their own homes. The service is available to anyone living in or near South Cambridgeshire.

Installing the alarm

A Lifeline can easily be connected to a telephone socket with a closely located electric socket. Installation can usually be arranged within a few days of receipt of application.


The current cost of installation is £20.00.
There is also a quarterly charge for the hire and monitoring of the equipment.
For 2014/15 this is £56.42 or £4.34 per week (plus VAT).
South Cambridgeshire District Council tenants are charged monthly.

Key Safes

This is a valuable facility for those who do not have a keyholder living within a reasonable distance of home and may be required to enable the Lifeline Service. Fitting can be arranged privately or by the council.The council will usually make an additional charge for this. A key safe is a small wall-mounted case secured by a combination lock with self-selected operating code. It allows access to a person responding in an emergency situation. Additional assistive equipment including fall detectors, sensor monitors, etc are available at no extra charge through referral to the Assistive Technology Team.

Further information

Contact or call 0345 045 0500

Community Lifeline+ Service

Aimed at helping people retain their independence, Lifeline+ builds on the existing Lifeline service [currently used by almost 1,000 clients]. This new option is now available across the South Cambridgeshire district.A flexible service designed to meet individual needs. It offers, through home visits and telephone calls, the tailored support and reassurance needed to maintain independence. It can also offer reassurance to the families of service users when they are away from home. A flexible booking option allows for cover during relatives’ absence, on holiday or for other commitments, offering peace of mind that their family member will have contact with a friendly member of staff.


There are 3 well-being call/visit options:

Provides 3 telephone calls per week Monday – Friday

Provides 2 well-being home visits and 1 telephone call per week Monday – Friday

A mix of home visits and telephone calls, Monday-Friday, flexible to meet individual needs including help with:

  • Emergency shopping
  • Emergency support with pet care i.e feeding, walking
  • Help to arrange prescription delivery services
  • Help to arrange transport to hospital and other appointments

All 3 options provide a listening ear, advice on benefits and signposting to additional services.

Payment Options:

  • Weekly/monthly payment card [by individual arrangement with the Lifeline+ officer]
  • Quarterly Direct Debit
  • Current Lifeline users can add the charge to their existing quarterly lifeline charge.
  • South Cambridgeshire District Council tenants will be charged on a monthly basis either using direct debit or a payment card.

Further information:

Contact us at or 0345 045 0500.

Visiting Support Service

This service promotes independent living in the community for South Cambridgeshire District Council residents aged 65 years and over. This is a short term support service providing confidential, emotional, financial and practical support. It offers support with:

Economic Well-being: debt; budgeting; understanding and claiming welfare benefit entitlements; the completion of application forms.

Health: assistance with securing the help needed to remain independent in an individual’s own home; finding solutions for personal care, cooking, laundry, shopping and gardening.

Tackling loneliness and isolation: working with individuals to find local groups and social clubs of interest; finding opportunities to learn a new skill or attend an exercise group.

Staying safe: providing professional, non-judgemental support and advice.

Positively contributing to the wider community: signposting to community activities and local volunteer services.

Individual Needs: Signposting to professionals for personal and confidential help with individual problems, for example Occupational Therapist to assist with adaptations to property.

This service is free. Each person is required to participate in a needs and risk assessment to appraise their eligibility for the service. This assessment will be carried out confidentially and in a sensitive way.

How do I access this service?

Access to this service is via a referral, this can either be a self-referral, a referral from other council officers, GP’s, family members, community navigators, health, social care or the voluntary sector. For further information contact us at: or on 0345 045 0500

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