E-mail Message from Mandy (via Trevor) Only another TEST run

Hi Trevor,

Re this month’s newsletter you were asking suggestions for the rejuvinated website. Would it be possible to put a timetable for busses running TO Cambridge and also RETURNING from Cambridge. It would be good if it could list the stops too.

I know SCDC have timetables on their site but you need a degree in ‘buss-ology’ to be able to understand it and secondly they are very bad at updating their pages so you never know if they’re current or not.

I understand that most people in the village have cars but there are always people and occasions when people need a bus, so especially for the people who DON’T use a bus often a timetable would be useful. Everyone knows the times of busses from and to Cottenham but how many people understand the times of Rampton busses!

Sorry if this is a bad idea but I know myself, Chloe and many of her friends would find it a VERY useful aid.


Happy New Year,

Mandy and Chloe

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