Firs House Surgery COVID-19 Statement

Firs House Partnership have always prioritised our duty of care to our patients and staff to ensure that the health care services and facilities we offer are responsive, appropriate and safe. 

In light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, we have implemented safety measures to reduce the risk of exposure which includes a change in how we offer appointments to patients. As of today, Wednesday 11th March 2020, we will not be providing advanced and / or follow up appointments at our Histon or Cottenham surgeries. 

Advance appts with a GP, Nurse, ANP or HCA will continue to be offered, but will be held at our Extended Access Hubs- 

  • Nuffield Road Medical Centre, 10 Pippin Dr, Cambridge,CB4 1GL 
  • Comberton Surgery, 58 Green End, Comberton, Cambridge, CB23 7DY 
  • St Mary’s Surgery, 37 St Mary’s St, Ely, CB7 4HF 
  • Royston Health Centre, Melbourne Street, Royston, SG8 7BS Please call reception after 09:00hrs on 01223 234 286 and request an extended access appointment. 

Follow up appointments with our GP’s will be conducted by telephone, unless the GP specifically requests a face to face appointment following triage. 

If a patient has an appointment booked ahead with a GP or the Nursing team, surgery staff may be in touch to advise that we need to change their appointment. We would ask that anyone who develops cold and flu like symptoms prior to their appointment not to attend the surgery and instead call and re-book for a later date. 

We recognise that patients have ongoing medical needs and will need to access a GP face to face. We endeavour to offer this to patients once we have been reassured through a comprehensive triage procedure that they do not pose a risk of exposure of Covid-19 to staff and other patients. During this time appointments will be booked at the surgery where there is availability and whilst we will endeavour to get patients an appointment at their chosen surgery, we will not be able to commit to this in all cases due to demand and symptoms exhibited. 

We ask that patients offer full and accurate information to the reception team when calling for an appointment and answer any questions reception staff may have. The receptionist is asking for this information to support the clinical team and clinical decision making. If a patient refuses to provide a reason for wanting to see a GP we will unfortunately not be in a position to offer a face to face appointment and the patient will instead be offered a telephone triage appointment. 

We continue to advise patients who are concerned about Covid-19 to refer to Public Health England guidance and official government sources for accurate information, and we reiterate Dr Poole’s earlier correspondence stressing the importance of using the GP service wisely so that people who really need it will be seen as soon as possible. 

We thank you for your consideration and understanding.

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