In April 2016 we celebrated the first year of the Foodbank in Cottenham.
Alison Wedgebury gave us an illustrated talk on the workings of the Foodbank, with photos of the Ely warehouse and personnel. The food is collected from various local points – Rampton Motors being our nearest collection point. Sometimes there are collection days at large Supermarkets and shoppers are encouraged to buy things from the standard list and donate them on their way out. Sadly donations have dropped off. Please consider donating something via the box at Rampton Motors
The Foodbank at Cottenham receives ready packed boxes from the Ely depot. These are suitable for a single person/couple or for a family. Sometimes these are adjusted slightly according to the needs of the clients (for example if it is a large family). There are also extras which can be added to the standard box, which are put into shopping bags to be taken away. The extras might be toiletries or things like chocolate, along with general groceries. People are allowed to choose a few of these additional items.
The number of clients attending the Wednesday afternoon sessions between 1.30pm and 3pm varies from week to week. Clients normally bring a voucher from the person who has referred them. If nobody comes we have a chat amongst ourselves, at other times we are quite busy. There are generally four helpers to offer practical help or a listening ear and our tea lady, Olive,who makes welcome drinks. for more information see:

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