Household Recycling Service Consultation – Feedback Requested

Cambridgeshire County Council’s consultation on the Household Recycling Service has started today (Friday 15 August) and will run for a six-week period until Friday 26 September. During this period we are encouraging residents to complete our online questionnaire which can be found at

This online consultation focuses on residents’ current use of the service and their thoughts on the options being considered – which range from closing sites; transferring them to charitable or voluntary organisations; reduction in hours and days of operation across all sites; charging for certain DIY waste streams; and limiting the use of sites to larger vehicles to deter trade waste use. This online consultation will run alongside surveys being undertaken by AmeyCespa on our behalf at all of the nine household recycling centres (HRCs) within Cambridgeshire (Alconbury, Bluntisham, Milton, March, St Neots, Thriplow, Whittlesey, Wisbech and Witchford) to ensure users of the service can have their say.

I hope that you will find this notification useful. However, should you require any further information in relation to this consultation please do not hesitate to contact me on (01223) 715531 or

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