Madingley Walk

Saturday 15th December)
The December walk will start from the Madingley Road Park & Ride free Car Park at 9.30 (park at the back of the car park). The route will pass through Eddington (the new University development between Madingley Road and Huntingdon Road), skirt round Girton College, and then head to the American Cemetery at Madingley.  The route returns to the starting point via Coton.  It is a circular walk of about 5.5 miles. If anyone feels this is too much for them, there are buses that run from the American Cemetary back to the Park & Ride site, or if you let us know, you can loiter in the American Cemetery visitor centre or chapel and we can collect you and return you to the P&R site after the walk.

As it’s the December walk, no pub arranged, but the end point provides access into Cambridge.

Leave Rampton Green at 9 as usual.

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