Keep fit comes to Rampton?

Some residents have expressed an interest in the village having some exercise equipment suitable for adults as well as that already installed on the recreation ground for youngsters and infants. It seems a sensible idea that the whole family can exercise together, and that villagers are not side-lined off the exercise equipment as they grow up simply because it is just for children.

The Parish Council would like to get opinion from the villagers as to whether or not this would be a welcome addition to the Recreation Ground. Some examples of the sorts of equipment are shown below. In essence there are two types of kit; fixed, timber structures several of which often which make up a ‘trim-trail’ of items that can be used in sequence to give all-round exercise (the top row of pictures), and robust ‘out-door grade’ gym equipment that moves as you exercise.

Please give us your feedback here

Greater Cambourne has one such trim trail, some pictures can be found below: –

here are some pictures of some other styles of equipment: –

There are several ways you can let the Parish Council know your views. You can speak to a councillor direct and let them know your views, or take the survey.

The equipment would be located near to the existing children’s exercise units so older children can easily and gradually ‘move up’ to join the adults.

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