Recreation Ground, Wildflower Meadow and Orchard

Official opening of the Community Orchard (26 July 2011) by Cllr Tim Wotherspoon. (Pictures kind courtesy John Garstang.)

Plan of the orchard:

The adjacent wildflower meadow, mid-summer 2011 

The Recreation Ground, part of which is being developed into a wild flower meadow and orchard area, can be found at the end of a short lane, almost opposite Orchard End estate, in King Street. The lane to the Recreation ground …

Above, early days of the wild flower area of the ground

The Wildflower meadow and Orchard.

Information from Ian McCartney, Chair Parish Council:

“The wildflower area was planted with a mixture especially formulated for clay soils. The planting was part of the SCDC biodiversity plan and the Parish received a grant which paid for most of the cost. One of the ideas is to help compensate for the staggering amount of traditional meadows which have been lost in this country over the last 50 years by providing habitat for voles and food supply for pollinating insects, bees etc. Except for the initial spraying of the existing grass, all work was carried out voluntarily by villagers, as has the subsequent maintenance.

The community orchard is part of SCDC county orchard initiative and we have received a grant of half of our costs. Off the top of my head I think there was something like 8000 acres of orchards, running from St. Ives to Cambridge, mostly on our side of the A14, before the 1960’s – the initiative is an attempt to bring back some of that lost Cambs heritage. With that in mind our twelve trees are all local Cambs trees, including two varieties raised in Cottenham and two in Willingham. Hopefully they will be planted next weekend – 13th Feb 2011.”

Pictures of the planting exercise, Sunday 13 Feb 2011

Below, the official opening of play equipment in July 2009. The equipment kindly provided by Donarbon Ltd.