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Pog’s new Xmas Puzzle 2012

Download the Clues and Puzzle Grid by clicking here: CluesUpdate & Empty Grid

Welcome to Pog’s Puzzle Page

They say that exercising the brain as well as the body can lead to a longer more active life so this page can be regarded as therapeutic as well as a bit of fun. I hope to be able to provide a few different types of word puzzles for young, old, avid cruciverbalists and relative newcomers alike.

At the moment there are no prizes for completing the puzzles but your feedback would be most welcome as well as your completed entries.

The editor has done the grids and clues as PDF files which will be far easier to print off than my originals.

Hope you have some fun with the Quick Crossword and the Word Wheel!


New Word wheel below (August 2012). pdf file can be downloaded here: Word Wheel 3

New Crossword (No 4) below (July 2012) – and answers to Crossword 3

pdf file of Crossword No 4 Blank : Grid 4

pdf file of Crossword No 4 Clues: Clues 4

Grid for Crossword No.3 pdf: Grid_3

Clues for crossword No 3 pdf: Clues 3

Answers to Crossword No 3:


Answers to Crossword (No 2): Answers 2

Crossword (No 2) below – and answers to Crossword 1


New Word Wheel (No 2) pdf: Word Wheel 2

 Grid for Crossword No.2 pdf: Grid 2

Clues for crossword No.2 pdf: Clues 2

Word Wheel 1 pdf file

For the Crossword below :

Grid pdf

Clues pdf