Pave the Path: Fund a Footprint

AT LAST! After 30 years waiting, we are now repairing our decrepit path to the church.  It is regularly used by walkers, visitors to the church and burial ground, dog walkers, and those attending services at All Saints’.  We are thrilled to start, but we face a bill of almost £39,000 (!) (incl. interior electrical work). We will receive help from the Parish Council for the new spur to the burial ground, we have committed all of our reserve funds and secured a £20,000 loan from Cambridge Historic Churches Trust to ease cash flow. But fund-raising now begins in earnest.

We invite everyone who uses the path to contribute to its repaving by Funding a Footprint. We suggest £10 for each human footprint, and £5 for each doggy paw-print? (donations of any size, small or large, are most welcome). If you can Gift Aid that is 25% better. Donations can be made through our Just Giving page or by cash/cheque payable to All Saints’ Church Rampton (to Mike Hastings 25 Cow Lane). If you would like to organise a fundraising event, or suggest grant making bodies, we would be delighted; contacts Mike Hastings or Kylie Hodgins (250454 or

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