Ramparts 2015: A critique by Watersmeet

It was widely known that this show was the 10th anniversary. So would it be tempted to be a retrospective? Not at all – and rightly so! Apart from a small section, it concentrated on the current year thoughts and works of its group of artists.

A surprising feature of these exhibitions has been that each has produced a new outstanding theme: this year it was COLOUR! Of course, all pictures are coloured, but never have so many been so powerfully rich and so daring. It has to represent the growing confidence within the group.

Pleasingly (as often in the past), amongst this array of generally agreeable pictures were one or two that would not look out of place in any gallery anywhere.

Their use of colour gave power to otherwise simple scenes, reminiscent of the final frames from James Cameron’s film ‘The Terminator’, where his wild landscape colours previewed dramatic events that were about to occur.

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