Rampton Church Path

We hope you are enjoying the new path and improved access to both dog-walking and the village burial ground. We recognise that the cost of the path has caused comment; for many years the state of the path was a serious concern and it had to be repaired before someone had a nasty accident. The PCC is legally bound by three bodies (Canon law of the Church of England, the government and county council planning law) to follow a specified process and carry out the work in a particular fashion. The specification and the pool of contractors available to do the work were beyond our control, as was the requirement to use a CoE-approved architect. All of this contributed to the price we had to pay. 

So how about some good news? In addition to wonderful local support from the ‘Pounds for the Path’ group, we have received a grant of £1000 from the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust AND a grant of £3000 from the Warham Charitable Trust, based in Norfolk. In both cases, external support was dependent on local support – so many thanks to all of you who have helped in so many ways so far. All donations, however small, mean that the bigger ones will follow. We have some way to go to settle the account but prognosis is hopeful.

Mike Hastings, PCC Treasurer, 25 Cow Lane

Pounds for the Path

Our November and December coffee mornings raised a total of £76. Many thanks for your support.

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