Rampton Energy Group (REG)

“Rampton Energy Group (REG): Part of the Sustainable Parish Energy Group REG has been created to help you make informed purchasing decisions about a range of energy (and therefore cash) saving products. In addition, the group is also looking at other issues including food (and food waste), bulk fuel purchasing, energy-related grants etc. The group is open to anybody interested. Please contact

John Bateson (johnfbateson@nullgmail.com) or

John Garstang (john.garstang@nullbtinternet.com).

Details of the investigation of photovoltaic solar panels is available. Information, contacts and meeting details will be added to the village website in due course.”

(Newsletter Ed: As someone who has already been subjected to heavy pressure selling re roof solar panels I think this group will be a really useful resource for any one considering investing in this technology)

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