Rampton Relay

The annual race was held on 9th September (postponed from April). 28 runners took part either as teams of four running one lap each or as individual runners running one or more laps. The course was altered to avoid calves grazing the small field, but by a strange quirk of the Rampton system of measurement the course remained exactly one Rampton mile in length. All runners performed extremely well this year, but we would like to give special mention to our fastest man (Alex Hunt, time 6:00), fastest woman (Tessa Mould, 7:28), fastest family (The Moulds, 33:23), smallest runner (Emily Osborne, 11:23) and the winners of the Rampton Educational Foundation Shield for Primary aged children (March Athletics Club, 34:33). All proceeds from the event will be donated to Papworth Hospital Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group. We hope to see you all again next April!!

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