Rampton Relay

Thanks to all the athletes who turned out to support the event. The Rampton Educational Foundation Shield goes to the ‘Gardner Bros’ (Matthew and Luke) who’s adjusted four man time was 33:32. Fastest woman was Abbbi Itsbitsky (8:28), Fastest man Phil Swanbury (6:21), Fastest family were the Agnews (38:13). We had a tie for fastest team (30:34) between The Home Farm Close team (Lewis and Mark Wickham, Louis Terdjmann and Phil Swanbury) and the Leg of Lamb team (Ryan Thornton Michael Burch, Dougie Ellis and Rory Dixon).

A special mention for Anna Blunt who ran a four lap relay on her own with a respectable overall time of 38:31 and a fastest single lap of 9:17, which amazingly, was her last lap. Proceeds to Papworth Hospital Trust.

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