Rampton Spud in a bucket competition in aid of EACH

Following last year’s successful inaugural competition, raising well over £200, this year’s event is planned to begin soon.

Beneficiary:  East Anglian Children’s Hospice
Sponsors:  Sam A (buckets), me (potatoes)

Cost:  £5 per adult, £3 per child BUT if a child takes part an accompanying adult must as well

How it works:

    • The (single person) charge buys you one bucket and one seed potato
    • The potato must grow in the bucket for the duration, so do not empty the bucket prematurely
    • You can buy more than one bucket and experiment
    • You can add drainage holes to the bucket (it is yours to keep)
    • You can grow the spuds in mixture of rose petals and badger dung (or Growmore) or whatever else you fancy
    • Anybody anywhere (ie out of Rampton) can enter but they might have to collect the buckets depending on where you/they live
    • er … that’s it for now



I look forward to donning the frilly apron and being splattered with sulphurous rot once again. (You know who you are!)

Please contact john.bateson@nullgmail.com and advise names and numbers if you are interested in joining in. Great cause and good fun.

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