RePaint Scheme

Cambridgeshire Community RePaint was launched in January 2011 and involves the collection of paint from household recycling centres which is then sorted and any reuse-able paint is offered for sale at low cost (significantly less than it would cost from a DIY retail supplier). For example, the RRP of 2.5 litres of Crown or Dulux coloured emulsion is currently £17.99 whereas the CCORRN price for the same product is just £4.00.

There are many benefits of the Community RePaint scheme including:

  • Prevents reuse-able paint from having to be disposed of (which is expensive and not very environmentally friendly)
  • Low cost paint is made available to all and particularly benefits community groups and those on low incomes
  • Provides employment and volunteering opportunities at CCORRN (developing real work-related skills and boosting the confidence of the volunteers, making them more employable).
  • Community groups, charities and schools can apply for the monthly award of ‘Get Painted’ which gifts up to 240 litres of paint to improvement projects, breathing new life into tired buildings (which often enables them to increase participation in and usage of the community’s facilities).
  • Community buildings and homes can be well-maintained for less, building relationships and developing a sense of community cohesion.

You may like to visit the website for more information.

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