Thank you all so much for your kind and generous donations. My friend and I raced up in a record time of 1¾ hours battling the high winds, torrential rains and pitch black. Unfortunately as it was not the nicest of weather we were back down 2½ hours later watching the sunrise from the hotel room we were all gathered in. We arrived back in the top 40 out 240 – not bad considering we started almost last due to the queue for the toilet! I have been overwhelmed by the support we have had – financially, physically and emotionally.
As I write this I have raised £10 off £2000 and my friend £1240 and we can still be sponsored for a further 4 weeks! I understand this money will not only go to helping existing sufferers and their carers but also to aid research. I look forward to a time when nobody has to suffer the pain Alzheimer’s creates.
Heart felt thanks again.

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