Speed Reduction Measures

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting last night several concerns were raised about the current state of the speed restriction measures installed at the beginning of April at the two entries to the village.

The county council have been asked to provide a safety audit and this is a summary of their response: –

Location of eastern build out (Cottenham End)

  1. Average speeds appear to be high, possibly due to the lack of development,
  2. Although no accidents have been reported, it’s a concern locally of drivers misjudging the time available to pass the feature,
  3. Moving the feature to a different location would create new conflict with higher inbound speeds,
  4. Removal of the feature would remove the conflict. This will also remove the traffic calming being achieved on the inbound speeds.

In addition to this I attended site last Friday to observe the traffic movement and behaviours. I also drove this section in both directions to get a 1st person perspective of the situation. From this I agree with the safety audit.

As an immediate response to the matter I am proposing the attached plan 000-005 to be implemented, following Parish approval. Once completed it will then be monitored and further arrangements can be made to slow vehicles speeds if required, through the use of speed cushions/ full width road humps or other methods.

Click here to view the plan 000-005

As a few opinions were expressed last night, anyone with a strong opinion (either way) is encouraged to contact Sophie¬†Parsons as below: –

Please use ‘FAO: Sophie Parsons, Rampton Priority Feature‘ as the subject of your email.

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