Speeding in the Village

You may have seen the notice and charts that have been on display in the Parish Council Notice Board. It highlighted the results of a week long survey of traffic speeds on the High Street. In one week in mid October over 8000 vehicles exceeded the speed limit by amount that would have resulted in prosecution had they been caught in a speed trap. Since then the police speed trap has been in use on the High Street. Speeding is a concern of many in the village as was shown by the turnout to a talk on the Speedwatch service at the September Parish Council meeting. Speedwatch provides community volunteer groups with speed monitoring equipment that shows the speed of passing motorists. Despite the concern of many in the village the concern was not reflected in the number of villagers prepared to help monitoring traffic speeds.

  • Are you prepared to help Speedwatch monitoring ? A small group of villagers would be given any necessary training.

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