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Power cuts and Vulnerable customers

Power cuts don’t happen very often these days and it’s UK Power Networks’ job to ensure it stays that way. But if there’s a power cut, have you wondered how your residents would cope?

How we help vulnerable customers during a power cut

We have a Priority Service Register, for those who may need extra support during a power cut. Residents will receive:

✔ A priority number that they can call 24 hours a day if they have a power cut

✔ Regular text message or phone updates during a power cut

✔ A welcome booklet

✔ Extra support from the British Red Cross to visit their home during an emergency (we’ll check with

them first)

Help us inform and protect residents during a power cut

We’re working hard to raise awareness of our new number to call during a power cut (0800 31 63 105) and to encourage eligible customers to sign up to the Priority Services Register so we can get them the support they need.

Can you:

  • Send one of our leaflets in a letter to residents or distribute leaflets to your community?
  • Display posters (electronic or printed) in your local buildings?
  • Include adverts or features in your magazines/ newsletters?
  • Add information on your website?
  • Work with us on social media?
  • Involve us or let us support any other initiatives you’re running?
Further information

We’ve produced a range of resources for print and web to help reach as many people as possible. They can all be downloaded from our website here