Townlands’ Charities

The Rampton Townlands Foundation was established in the late 1800s to support the residents of Rampton who needed financial help both in general day-to-day living or to help with any costs related to the education of the younger members of the parish.  

The Foundation, today, continues to support:

  1. The education of those who would otherwise struggle financially with the costs of educational equipment, trips, projects, external exams, equipment for apprenticeships and/or further education.Grants are available for children and young people up to their 22nd birthday who are Rampton residents (see attached application form). An applicant may apply for a maximum of three grants (although, in exceptional cases, further grants may be made). The amount of the grant will depend on the funds available to the Foundation at the time.
  2. Villagers who are on a low income and in need of financial support towards food, clothing, bedding, fuel and/or equipment for work.

Please note the Foundation is for one off support and is not able to contribute to on going expenses.

Please contact in total confidence:
Trudie Davidson
12 High Street
Cambridge CB24 8QE 01954 251228

E mail: