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Gilbert’s Rainfall Data

This page shows what the rainfall in Rampton is like, firstly the cumulative rainfall per month stacked by year.

Historically February through April are the dryest months of the year averaging about 30mm of rain per month and May through August are the wettest averaging about 50mm per month, though 2018 has been a bit unusual so far with higher than normal rainfall during March and April and June / July being very dry (July’s 20mm of rainfall came all in about 1 hour on the 27th).

It seems that the dry spell is well and truly now over with September 2018 being one of the wettest Septembers in this data (only beaten by September 2017).

This chart shows the rainfall stacked by year on a per month basis and points worthy of note are: –

  • June 2018 – the lowest month on record (1.5mm).
  • August 2010 – the wettest month on record (140mm).
  • 2012 had the wettest spell for several months April to July (average  93mm per month).