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Happy New Year ! Rampton Community Website is hopefully returning

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of two Rampton residents Steve Adams and Ian Spray, who are highly skilled in dark arts of computer science (!), it is quite possible that the Website could be re-launched early in the New Year. It is also hoped to retain the link (courtesy David Hough).

The website would no longer be with The Local Channel, but the new Service Provider will be by courtesy of Steve and Ian.

It will take some time to rebuild the site from scratch, so initially only a few of the most visited pages will go online. Please let me know what you have missed from the old website, or if you have any suggestions, news items or events for the 2011 Diary, please let me know.

Many thanks, Trevor Millar, 10 Church End or trevormillar (at)
Rampton Website Editor/Administrator

Village Hall News

The Village Hall Committee has raised enough money from its recent fund-raising to allow us to improve the lighting in the main hall. In the early part of February the strip fluorescent lighting will be replaced by dimmable fluorescents which will allow a much better control of light levels – bright for Art and Table Tennis, subdued for parties. We are also taking the opportunity to re-tape and skim the ceiling and have already replaced the small heater “under the arches” with a larger one. The hall will be closed for a couple of weeks, but we hope you’ll join us again soon when the work is done.

Poppy Collection

Total Poppy Collection for Cottenham and Rampton : – £55.00

  • £18.45p from The Blackhorse collection box.
  • £23.70p from Rampton Garage collection box.

Coffee Morning


As you no doubt realise, many charities have been hit by the recent government cuts, no more so than Welcome Home from Hospital. This is a charity which supports vulnerable people being discharged from hospital , by helping with such things as shopping, light housework or taking prescriptions to the chemist. WHFH can also help clients sort out Aid Call, or a hot meals service. We are holding a coffee morning , with a bring-and-buy including cakes, in aid of this charity on 22nd Jan, and hope as many as possible can come.

Rampton Educational Foundation

The deadline for applications for educational grants from this Charity will be 28th January 2011. This is 10 days prior to the next meeting of the committee. Please note that the amount available for grants will be governed by the funds available to the Charity. All Rampton residents aged 21 and under are welcome to apply for a small grant to wards the cost of something to do with education eg school trip, university books, project & travel. Please apply in write or ask for more information from Celia Chappell, Clerk to the Trustees, 4 The Green Rampton CB24 8QB.

Rampton ’77 Committee: Beetle Drive

A note for your diary for February. The Rampton ’77 Committee is holding a family Beetle Drive with a supper of jacket potatoes and a selection of fillings on Saturday, 27 February 2011 in the Village Hall. Tickets will be on sale from the New Year at a price of £6.00. For those who do not know what a Beetle Drive is, please come along and find out. It is a lot of fun!

Rampton ’77 Committee: Over 60’s Dinner

On Saturday, 29 January 2011, the Rampton ’77 Committee is providing the usual annual dinner for Rampton residents who are aged 60 or over. Please reply to either Gilbert Smith or Sarah Palmer by Sunday, 16 January 2011 if you intend coming to the dinner and to ensure that you will be catered for.

Table Top Sale

Rampton Village Hall Management Committee are holding a Table Top Sale and Coffee Morning on Saturday 12th February 2011, 10am – noon. Table tops are £5 each. To book please contact Martyn Blunt on 01954 252214.

It’s That Time Again (Oh yes it is!)

The Rampton Revue and Pantomime 2011 will take place at the end of January. The public performance will be on Friday 28th at 7.30pm, tickets on the door. There will also be a few tickets available for the performance after the over 60s meal on Saturday 29th. That performance starts at 8pm, first come first served!

Wildlife in the Garden: Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey

Many people get great pleasure from the wildlife that visits their gardens. This 10-week course will introduce students to the birds, mammals and insects as well as some of the wild flowers (weeds?) that find their way into gardens. It will emphasise the great diversity, help identify what we see and will consider the conservation value of the garden as “oasis”, which is increasingly important as human pressures in the wider countryside increases.

Tutor: Peter Holden
Location: Denny Abbey
Cost: £95
From: Monday 17th January 2011, 1pm-3pm (until 28th March)
To book please call: 01223 746262

Pastoral Visits

Would you, or someone you know, appreciate a friendly visit? A number of people from All Saints Church are happy to visit folk to chat, or to bring Communion to those who are housebound and can’t get to church.

To arrange a visit please contact :

  • Rev’d Kylie Hodgins 250454
  • Miss Pauline Wayman 251083
  • Mrs Judi Middleton 251607

Rampton Village Hall

To hire please call Martyn Blunt on 252214
Or visit

Willingham Medical Practice

We hope you all had a Happy Christmas and New Year holiday. Staff and doctors would like to say a big thank you for your greetings cards and gifts at Christmas. Your kind words and the lovely goodies are very much appreciated. Thank you also to all who donated raffle prizes or bought our Lucky Squares in aid of MAGPAS and a special thanks to Andy and Mary Coe who once again donated a splendid Christmas tree.

New Years Resolutions
Would you like help and support to give up smoking or to lose weight? Ring the surgery for details.

Top tips for keeping warm and well this winter:
Set your heating to the right temperature (between 18-21C or 64-70F) and you can keep your home warm and your bills as low as possible.

You can help keep warm and stave off winter illnesses by eating well. Try to make sure that you have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day and keep your food cupboards stocked up.

Moderate exercise can also help. Try to move around at least once an hour.

Dress for the weather by wearing plenty of layers – clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres are particularly good and help to maintain body heat.

Get a free flu jab to protect against seasonal flu if you are over 65, have a long-term health condition or are pregnant. Just ring the surgery for an appointment.

There are many grants, benefits and other sources of advice that are available to make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating or help with bills. Take advice on what you can claim. Visit

On cold days try to avoid going outside; however if you do need to, remember to wrap up warm and wear a hat, scarf and gloves and sensible footwear.

And it’s important for all of us to remember the needs of friends, elderly relatives and neighbours who could be at risk by:

  • Checking on them to make sure they are safe and well.
  • Making sure they are warm enough especially at night.
  • Check they have a good stock of food and medicines.

Are you a Carer? Ring the surgery for advice on the help available to you..

Child Health Clinics
There will be a change to the Health Visitor Clinics at Willingham Surgery. These will be every 4th Tuesday of the month from 2-4pm. Ring Wendy Nice on 01954 781855 to book an appointment.

Loan items
If you still have any of the surgery loan items such as blood pressure machines please could you return them to the surgery so others can benefit. Please accept our belated thank you to the family and friends of Eileen Marchant for their kind donations in her memory to the Surgery Equipment Fund.

Cynthia Bidwell – Practice Manager Willingham

December Working Party: Thanks

It was really nice to see the church so full at xmas. Many thanks to all those who helped decorate the church with tree and crib. The church path is now much clearer following the December working party. Ed

Speeding in the Village

You may have seen the notice and charts that have been on display in the Parish Council Notice Board. It highlighted the results of a week long survey of traffic speeds on the High Street. In one week in mid October over 8000 vehicles exceeded the speed limit by amount that would have resulted in prosecution had they been caught in a speed trap. Since then the police speed trap has been in use on the High Street. Speeding is a concern of many in the village as was shown by the turnout to a talk on the Speedwatch service at the September Parish Council meeting. Speedwatch provides community volunteer groups with speed monitoring equipment that shows the speed of passing motorists. Despite the concern of many in the village the concern was not reflected in the number of villagers prepared to help monitoring traffic speeds.

  • Are you prepared to help Speedwatch monitoring ? A small group of villagers would be given any necessary training.

A Parish Plan

The future is likely to bring a wide range of changes that will impact on Rampton and its residents. One way to adapt to these changes and coincidentally improve village access to funding and other support measures, is for the village to prepare a Parish Plan. Several villages (incl. Cottenham) across South Cambs have already prepared such plans. The Parish Council has taken the view that Rampton would benefit from having such a Plan.

Parish Plans are not prepared by the Parish Council (who facilitate their preparation) but by the community as a whole. Like the SPEP the Plan would be prepared by a working group from the village and should allow residents and businesses to be fully represented so that the Plan becomes a working document that can benefit all living and working in Rampton.

The Parish Council and Cambridge ACRE (who help in Plan preparation) will shortly hold an ‘Open Morning’ in the Village Hall so that everyone can come along and see what is involved, how they can benefit and how they can participate.

  • Have you concerns for your business/home about the future of Rampton ?
  • Are you prepared to contribute to the process of preparing the Plan ? Support will be provided so it should not be too demanding.
  • How would you like to see Rampton in the future ?

Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership

The Parish Council recently enrolled the village in South Cambridgeshire’s Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP). The function of the partnership is to promote greater sustainability and energy efficiency within the village, by highlighting opportunities and organising events like using thermal imaging cameras to show where your house is loosing most heat. There are now 20 villages in South Cambridgeshire in the Partnership. There has been a poster on the Notice Board for most of November that gave details of an event at Comberton Village College on November 27th. The was a wide range of technologies and activities on display, one based on the Village Energy project in Histon and Impington is already organising bulk buying discounts for solar panels and LED lighting.

Although the Parish Council initiated the SPEP group, activities will be organised by the group, not the Parish Council. The group members are John Bateson, Alison Hawtin and Claire Perrot, and Chris Dickinson and Ian McCartney from the Parish Council. The Clerk will provide support for the group’s activities.

  • Are you interested in investing in improved energy efficiency for your home ?
  • Is discount buying of interest ?
  • Are you prepared to get involved, say helping with thermal imaging surveys ?

Trees on the Green

The Village Green is an attractive focal point of the village and is used for a wide range of events. Recent inspection of the five Horse Chestnut trees on the Green showed they were infected with bleeding canker. Similarly infected trees at Over were recently felled. The Parish Council is investigating how serious the infection is, and options for felling and replacement, mindful of the visual impact such a decision would have. The Forestry Commission says that unless there is an immediate concern about safety, trees with light to moderate bleeding and vigorous crowns can be left in place and monitored. Symptom remission can occur and removal of trees which are still relatively vigorous (although diseased) may be premature. Branches at risk of falling will be removed.